January 01, 2022 1 min read

I don't know about the rest of you, but it seemed to me like the only thing missing from the sport of fishing to explode in popularity was the component of gambling on your favorite athlete.  Well now it looks like you'll have the ability to sit around a fire with a couple of beers and your fishing buddies and talk smack about the bets you placed, how much you won or lost, and who the next Cinderella story might be. 

Major League Fishing snagged a deal with the Bally’s Corporation, a global entertainment, and gaming company to allow gambling in the sport of bass fishing starting in 2022.

Once the 2022 Major League Fishing season kicks off, fans will have the chance to place wagers on MLF fishing tournaments or participate in the new free online fantasy leagues with the opportunity to win thousands of dollars in fishing prizes.

Like in mainstream college and professional sports leagues, Major League Fishing is adapting to the fairly new rules that allow sports gambling. Before 2018, sports gambling was federally illegal, but in March of that year, the supreme court voted against the federal mandate, allowing states to make gambling regulations independently.

Since then, over 20 states have permitted sports gambling, and the entire industry has seemed to skyrocket overnight. Interested anglers or betting enthusiasts in legal states will have the chance to wager their money starting in March. If you choose to gamble, please do it responsibly and seek help if it becomes a problem. Good luck and tight lines!